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In a previous post (fourth paragraph down), I had described a “probation report recommendation”, that I had been handed immediately prior to my court appearance that day. This post is regarding my attempts to procure a copy of that same report recommendation which itself, recommends a conditional dismissal of the support violation action against me, if a certain seizure of funds from by bank had successfully taken effect; which it had done so by my appearance date.

In my attempt to procure probation’s report recommendation, I had filed a request for records of my support violation proceeding. Within, I describe the probation report recommendation, and why I have the right to posses a copy of it.

Filing Request for Records

Four days later, I receive an envelope from the court containing a court order, putting me on probation; which had happened over a month prior…

Court’s Order of Probation

The date of filing for this order, is the same day that I had filed for a copy of my report recommendation. Perhaps the court thought that they could resolve my request for my report recommendation, by (finally) filing and entering the ruling which put me on probation; because in my request for my report recommendation, I had cited a “right to appeal” in support of my request. Perhaps the court thought that if I wanted to appeal, I could simply file for appeal without the probation recommendation, by simply using the court order…

I can’t imagine that it’s a coincidence, that the court had entered the ruling which put me on probation, on the exact same day that had I filed for the probation recommendation to be provided to me. The court had ordered probation over month prior, and court orders normally get filed the same day that they’re handed down. Consider how cumbersome it would be, if I were to have violated my probation in sometime mid-August, and the order which put me on probation had yet to be filed by that time…

After I had received the order which placed me on probation, I had construed that by the court providing me with this order, that this was their response to my motion above requesting for probation’s report recommendation. From this, I subsequently filed a request for a decision on my motion above, for a copy of probation’s report recommendation.

Request for a Ruling

A few days later, I received an envelope postmarked August 31, 2018; which was the same day that I had filed my request for a ruling on my request for my report recommendation. Within, was probation’s report recommendation.

Probation Report Recommendation

I think it can easily be seen that the court doesn’t want there to be a record, corresponding to the way that they are ‘”applying”‘ the law here. How disappointing.


  1. You admitted on the website that you withdrew cash prior to your account being frozen, admitting you had advance knowledge of the action. That is a crime, and is why they convicted you of non support. You admitted to a crime on this site.

    1. While I did make sure that I had some cash on hand, I am denying your claim that I had “admitted to a crime on this site”. Also, I don’t think that myself having this same “cash on hand” while my accounts were frozen, was even on the record of my support violation proceeding.

      Lastly, can you please post your comments to the articles they are in response to? Thanks.

  2. It is completely relevant to this post… you are asking why the judge isn’t following probation’s recommendation on the pre-sentencing report. This is why… they found out that you withdrew cash intentionally before they froze your account and that is a crime… That is the crime of non-support in the third degree because you willfully did not pay monies that were ordered by the court that you already had… and whether you admitted it or not the bank had record of you withdrawing the cash on that date and time, directly before the seize order. The judge is convinced you had advanced knowledge.

      1. No doubt…knowledge is power bro. Next time be sure to get paid in cash make sure there’s no paper trail and do not admit it on this website or any other forum. They cannot convict you of non support for simply being broke… they have to find that you willfully did something wrong… I’m explaining to you the law and that’s what it is they are not singling you out and persecuting you and saying you can’t eat or whatever.

  3. Dude you must work for the government or something I’m convinced of it you’re trying to make people with real problems look stupid I really do think you work for the FBI. Just so you know no one’s buying it

  4. You haven’t admitted to no wrong doing. There’s nothing in the report you provided that there was. Actually, it says you paid x amount and you still have x amount you still owe. That’s it.

  5. Think of it from woman’s point of view. Woman is young. Woman boinks man. She gets pregnant, life changes. She goes through everything, even gets a job, or else is totally involved in the raising of the child. DSS forces mom to hold man accountable. Man lives with parents and won’t pay. Man gets evicted, gets fame, and money for being famous. Man wont send money. Man admits on publicity seeking website he withdrew caSH prior to account seizure order. Man wonders why hes convicted. Man continues to call police and harrass woman. Man looks bad. All man look stupid everywhere. Man reports to FBI handler and gets paid, mission accomplished.

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