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The winter of 2017 was the third of which that I was taking my son skiing, and otherwise teaching him to ski. He loved skiing and would ask me when we were going during the fall, and tell me that he wanted to go too. Throughout this winter of 2017 all of a sudden, he was telling me that he didn’t want to go skiing. He was doing this because his mother was telling him to say this to me, and I’m sure that a mother telling her child to tell his father that he doesn’t want to go skiing, while the child in fact actually does, would be an act strongly discouraged by any child physiologist.

I have a lot of things that support that my son loved to ski, including a video of him having a great time skiing on the mountain. I’m not including these things here for various reasons including confidentiality. Regardless, skiing is a fun and enriching activity, and I can take him skiing if I want to; the wishes of his mother, regarding her disapproval of him skiing, are not sentiments that matter to the situation.

Here is a letter to the judge of my Custody/Visitation matter in Onondaga County regarding this incident, which this same letter itself was attached to my Custody/Visitation Violation petition against my son’s mother:

Dear Honorable Judge Pavone,

I had spoke with an officer regarding why Angela had refused my visitation for today. On 2/18/17, Jackson said to me that he didn’t want to go skiing, I said that we were going anyway, and that unless he was going to tell me why he was saying that he didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to hear him tell me that he didn’t want to go skiing.

Subsequently, here is the corresponding police report.



  1. You did good by documenting the incidents that goes on. I would keep it up, so you can show she’s been denying you your visitation rights.

    1. It’s all from my stipulated record on appeal, that I tried to file (was sent back, citing that the other parties get a say in what the record on appeal is), so it’s all nice and collected in one document.

        1. Just making sure, you know that I can’t see him from an order handed down over a year ago… These posts are about how that order is illegal.

          1. Remind me again why you don’t have visitation? Was it over you didn’t have place to stay, or something else?

          2. But, there is one specific reason she has given to them, for them to give you the illegal orders. Because, usually if you paid off your back support you owed to her, then you should be able to go in and get you visitation back.

          3. The reason they gave is because I’m incompetent, and then the same municipality that denied me my right to appeal my visitation case (the state of New York) threw me out of my home; someone that they consider incompetent.

            Patricia, specifically what void government are you familiar with, which takes someone’s child from them, if they’re behind on support payments? If you could provide an example that would be best.

          4. Not one that I know of. I know in Florida they don’t do that at all. Unless, you have harmed your child in some way, or in their words endangering a child, but incompetence, being a factor, no.

          5. You said “Because, usually if you paid off your back support you owed to her, then you should be able to go in and get you visitation back.”. Now, did you say that because you want me to believe, if I were to corroborate my support order in some way, that the government would stop holding my child hostage and let me see him again???

          6. Yes, usually child support is a game. If you pay you play sort of thing. Which is wrong on the courts to do. Which it is illegal. They will always go against the father, always.

          7. Exactly Mr. Falck. That’s what I was trying to get at. You just explained how child support is everywhere.

          8. How they get away with it is what Mr.Falck just explained to you. And that goes on everywhere. When men don’t pay or can’t, you get hit like you did.and it’s most definitely always for the woman.

          9. That doesn’t answer my question Patricia. I believe that they get away with it because the people don’t understand that it’s happening.

          10. That is true. People don’t see it. The laws need changing. Maybe a class action suit would work? I mean if enough men got together to fight back matbe.?

  2. In the government’s eyes, you have no right to your child beacause you didn’t willingly pay. The state of New York had to pay through welfare, which is undoubtedly the case of the child support is pursued so doggedly. He is the state of New York’s child, and they are recouping their expenses from you. With no money, you are a non entity in the court system and fit only for prison and punishment (Law has barely changed since the Middle Ages.) With work, comes ties to the community. With work, comes credibility. Money. And empathy from the courts. You will not win in this state Rotondo, its dominated by female liberals. Much better off seeking work, education, or even SSI. You ditched your parents, which was foolish, even if they kicked you out. Their money would have been very helpful to you.

  3. Thank you, it is. I was once like you. Pissed off and indignant. I still am, but now I realize a little money is all one needs to make things go right, nobody is a true idealogue anymore. Those so called whistleblowers and reformers in government are really just worried about their bottom line. With so many unemployed, if they see a young father working they would be under media and outside pressure to cut you some slack.

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