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Along with the orders that set forth my new custody and visitation order, there were two other orders handed down on that same day. One dismissed my violation petition, which this same dismissal was in spite of all the police reports documenting my son’s mother’s repeated violation of our custody/visitation order, and the second, was the dismissal of my Custody/Visitation petition, which was mostly a request for a change to my visitation days, to those visitation days which we had been following for the past few years.

Violation petition dismissed

Custody/Visitation order dismissed

You can see in the order dismissing my Custody/Visitation petition, that it says on the bottom dismissed “with prejudice”. This same dismissal “with prejudice”, means that the court considered that my case for being my son’s father, was a waste of their time. I’d be very interested to hear how the court came to this same conclusion considering how I had a loving and nurturing relationship with my son, and instilled into him a love for model rocket building, fishing, bicycle riding, computer programming (slightly), and of course, skiing. I had also made him and excellent reader, which greatly aided to his schooling.

Lastly, Ms. Vincent’s name can be seen on all these orders, as she was my “standby council”. I can’t consider how there is any possibility that, the court had appointed her as my standby council for any other reason than to enable the themselves, to use the law to wrongfully take my child from me; As these cases which I had brought before the court in good faith, had clearly shown that my son’s mother was at fault for these issues which had initiated these proceedings, and also, there was nothing at all that showed anything about myself, or my actions, would give cause to limit my parental rights or reduce my parenting time in any way whatsoever.

Again, if there is anything that legitimizes these actions taken by the court, I am to this day completely unaware of them; and cannot imagine they exist.


  1. Dont kill yourself…mr rot. I really want you to live a long fruitful life as an example to others that you really can turn things around no matter how deep you dip yourself into the hole…. by the way cause of action means you showed no cause to change her busy schedule you don’t have a schedule what is your cause of changing her visitation schedule whatever you provided didn’t satisfy the judge

    1. What do you think would have been more compelling to the judge to change the schedule? As I had posted in the article, we were following the visitation schedule that I had requested for years.

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