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Now I had claimed that Heather Vincent, was appointed as my “standby council” against my wishes for my custody, visitation, and violation matters. As luck would have it, I have some final orders that were drafted by my son’s mother’s attorney, explicitly stating “standby council” in the orders.

Basically, the fact that Heather Vincent was appointed as my “standby council”, means that she had made representations on my behalf, in bad faith, and without my knowledge; Thereby circumventing the process which exists to, in part, help ensure that the actions of a court are just. This can be known by all the details of my custody and visitation matters described on this site (if you happen to be unaware of these same details at this time). It’s clear throughout, that I was not the party that was doing anything wrong for these proceedings.

As for the draft orders themselves, I received two. They each explicitly described this “standby council” of Heather Vincent as a component of the proceeding. And lastly, keep in mind that the final Custody/Visitation order speaks to “my council” as well. This final order simply avoids the term “standby council”, and I believe that the reason for this is simply because “standby council” is not nor ever was a thing.

First proposed order, with cover letter

Second proposed order, with cover letter

The representations made by Heather Vincent needed to be made without my knowledge of the details of such, or otherwise I would have simply quashed them from their lack of merit.


  1. The standby counsel is there so you can refer all your motions to her instead of the judge. The judge doesn’t want to hear your whining and now it’ll be a contempt of court charge if you try to file any more motions ….your standby council is there for you to give the Motions to now ….not the judge they are just giving you somebody to talk to so you don’t get yourself locked up…. since you already lost custody of your son by being stupid.

    1. Is it legal to put a barrier between my representations the record of my proceeding? Why can’t I just make my case? If you’re right, and I’m just whining to the court, how can that be construed as a problem for the court as they would simply just side with the other party, as a result?

      Also Hunter, I still made my just the same with this “standby council”, so the only thing that standby council could have been construed to have done was, make it so the court felt comfortable with ignoring my representations in spite of their merit. How could it be seen any other way; please share…

    1. Why wouldn’t I? You aren’t really making a counter-argument; all you’re doing is speaking to some fabricated sentiment that I was somehow unjustified with trying to keep my son in my life; And if it’s somehow within the realm of possibility that someone would fail to grasp that my legal matters were handled in such a way that was completely inappropriate, I’m really not worried about that Hunter.

      You like to think that your comments have some kind of an effect on me, you want something to happen that will help you to believe that they do. They don’t… Deal with it.

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