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I had commenced the proceedings to enforce my Custody and Visitation Order, on two separate occasions. The first was heard in May of 2017 and the second was heard in July of 2017. At the July appearance, there was a women in the court room whom I was unfamiliar with. The court had introduced her as Heather Vincent, an attorney that had been assigned to me against my wishes as my “standby council”.

This same assignment of “standby council” was done by the court, almost certainly, to enable the court to means procure something, for the record of the proceeding, that could then be used to abstain from enforcing my custody and visitation order, as I was requesting. The reason that I say “almost certainly”, is because she was appointed as my standby council, and I then subsequently lost. This is in spite of the numerous police reports I had, which demonstrated an egregious violation of my court order.

If my representations were unfounded on their own, appointing an attorney against my wishes would not have been necessary, as I simply could have been left to loose on my own. The court must have had no choice but to enforce my Custody and Visitation order from my request to do so, and thereby realized that they needed to do something such as appoint to me this “standby council”, so that they could then have the means to abstain from my same request for enforcement, through that attorney’s representation(s); made on my behalf, against my wishes, and obviously without just cause.

I’m sure that Onondaga County subsequently found that appointing to me “standby council”, made it a lot easier for them to bring their wishes into reality; so it wasn’t surprising to see that they then did the same thing for my support matter.

This is while the Hiscock Legal Aid Society subsequently objected to representing me, and regardless of this same objection, I was appointed council against my wishes anyway.

I love how it says in the “assignment of council amended”, that the Hiscock Legal Aid has asked to be relieved due to conflict of interest. Who thought that putting this in there would matter? Was that for me to read? What exactly was I supposed to do with that information, take some sort of appeal?


  1. no one cares about your stupid ego or your nonexistent case. thats all standby counsel is, to help make the judge’s job easier dealing with little uneducated snots like you who put the whole system on trial.

  2. You lost the case because of this website. You are too stupid and dense to understand that the more you propagate “INTHEMATTERSOFMRROTONDO” the more you are incriminating yourself. You’ve already admitted to several crimes, including harassment, child-support evasion, and endangering the welfare of a child. NO JUDGE ON EARTH would rule in your favor. Madonna has a better chance of winning custody of your son. (you won’t post this cuz i’m right)

    1. Hunter first of all, stop telling my that I won’t post your comments, you more or less know for a fact that I will.

      The website didn’t exist until long after my Custody and Visitation case was over, and only until the very end of my Support proceedings.

      Lastly, I haven’t admitted to anything, and I haven’t done anything wrong; thanks.

  3. do you even know what conflict of interest is, numbskull? They can’t represent you because they have done work for Angela or the son in the past, and can’t be impartial

    1. It doesn’t work like that.

      Also, and entirely separately, how could you consider that to be the case, while that attorney had been assigned to represent me? They couldn’t, but did anyway?

      I vaguely remember being told that Ms.Vincent was from the Hiscock legal aid society, which I suppose wasn’t known to you but that doesn’t matter. The conflict of interest was between my representations, and the courts unwillingness to recognize them. The Hiscock legal aid society didn’t want to undermine my representations with their own.

      Further, the child isn’t a party in the support proceeding, and Angela was never represented by an attorney paid for through the Hiscock legal aid society and even if she was, the Hiscock legal aid society is not a firm, it has funds available to pay for high quality representation for people who need it.

      So, do you know what conflict of interest is Hunter? I ask because it doesn’t make the actions taken by the court, which I post about here on my website, any less illegal.

      1. You make me mad….figuratively…not literally…because you pretend to sound smart and are arrogant as hell, but in reality you have zero education or knowledge all you do is make grandiose assertions and throw words around to sound intelligent. YOU ARE NOT INTELLIGENT. You are a mentally ill castoff, who has a penchant for writing, who got pick up by the tabloids because your parents evicted you. The woman as moved on, probably remarried, had another kid, and is dealing with you and your “stardom.” Actually, the world has long since forgotten about you, I live in the CNY and nearly nobody has heard of you, I know this is a godaddy site, I had one ranting like you were about the police and courts, its a waste of time nobody reads it and then godaddy keeps billing my account. stop wasting your time, you don’t have a case for illegality you don’t even have a demon you are going after. What exactly are you trying to bring down, Rotondo? are you Jessie Jackson? do you hold forth on things? are you a FORTH HOLDER? are they hiring?

        1. Why does it bother you so much that I post about my matters? Maybe it would be less aggravating for you to just stop worrying about it?

  4. Seriously, man, how many of those mugs have you actually sold?? More than 5 than I’m starting a godaddy to moan about the court system. If people will read your garbage then I will be a superstar

  5. Why don’t you answer the goddam question. I was nice to you until you started calling me spam. A real can of Spam is more interesting than your posts. They have gone downhill, Why do I go to the site? Because I like legal reading material. I also live in the CNY. But your posts are getting lamer and lamer. You don’t know what a conflict of interest or standby counsel is, I’m sure of it. Otherwise it would have been a non starter. I gave you sound advice and you won’t listen to it. You proceeded to insult me, so nowyou get to know what I really think of you. Pathetic. Overexposed. A Danger to Children. Perhaps if I make you feel bad enough, perhaps if I, out of anyone else, takes the time and effort to verbalize how retarded and stupid you are (and continue to be,) then you will delete this site and save yourself a whole lot of embarrassement when your kid grows up and reads this and gets made fun of.

    1. You’ve got this preconceived notion that I care what you think.

      I just wouldn’t continue your vigilant crusade to convince me that I’m actually a bad father who doesn’t deserve to see his child, if I were you… It’s a waste of your time, I suppose.

  6. And I do worry about it. Cuz I run into sorry slobs like you riding the Centro all the time. I want to know what makes the stupid, well, stupid.

  7. Already got one. And I’m in college. Where are you? Being an embarrassment. I say it again: Kill yourself. With kindness, and delete this stupid site. You lost. the. case. You were assigned standby counsel because the people who you are talking down to, have already had their masters degree while you were still ******* Angela in your parent’s bedroom. Loser.

  8. P. S. I didn’t categorically say your a bad father. You are making yourself out to be a bad father by all of your statements on here. You don’t need me to show that you are a bad father, you’ve done a good enough job of that yourself. All I’m saying is that you are stupid. Perhaps thats your subconscious talking?

    1. If you don’t think I’m a bad father than how are my claims here, that I shouldn’t have lost custody and visitation of my son, illegitimate?

      If you don’t think that I’m a bad father than you must agree that my family court matters were handled improperly, right?

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