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I was the Petitioner for each (both) of these petitions. When the trial started, the judge asked me what the case was, that I was making; so I made some general statements. Following this, I found out that when the judge had asked me this, I was supposed to make my entire case; as when I had tried to call witnesses, and enter things into evidence, I was told that I couldn’t because that opportunity had already passed.

After being told that my opportunity to make my case had been forgone, I told the court that this could not remain, and that it was necessary for me to be permitted to make my case…

After having moved the court to allow myself to be heard, the judge asked me what I had for evidence, and I said of course, well I have all these police reports. The judge then asked me if they had been verified as genuine (or something to that effect), by a party which I don’t recall at this time. I asked the judge what was this same party was (it was some kind of department I think), as I was not familiar with it. The judge said that considering how I was unfamiliar with this same party, this meant that the police reports had not been verified by it and because of this, these same police reports could not be entered into evidence. I said to the judge something to the effect of “but these are police reports”, and the judge said that didn’t matter.

The rest of my case consisted of myself trying to get my son’s mother to admit that some text message were in fact her own, so that I could then enter them into evidence, which I had some success with. The police reports were not be allowed to be entered.

Subsequently, while being questioned myself, I was asked about my medical history with regard to mental health, and after my objection was overruled I stated that I had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2007, three years before my son was born, and three years before the entry of my standing custody and visitation order, which gave me custody and visitation of my son in spite of this same 2007 diagnoses.

Incidentally, a few months after my 2007 diagnoses, I decided to stop my treatment for paranoid schizophrenia; But at no time was my drivers license revoked or even suspended for incompetence; which means that I never had paranoid schizophrenia to begin with…

While years had gone by without myself having been seen by a doctor, or having any interaction with the police, I was found incompetent; and lost custody of, and visitation with, my son. From this, I haven’t seen my son since late September of 2017. In other words, this is happening to myself and my son for absolutely no reason.



When you’re tested, people see your true character; so make it so the content of your character is something good. You have to know your limits though, or you may wind up diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia ;-).


  1. That all makes sense now. Whether your driver’s license is revoked or not has nothing to do with it. You are a paranoid schizo who thinks people are really taking in what you say and agreeing with you instead of laughing and shaking their head.

    1. From wikipedia:
      Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia.[1][2] Schizophrenia is defined as “a chronic mental disorder in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis).

      People with psychosis can drive Hunter? If you think that, how could it be considered that you’re not incompetent?

  2. This is a very sad situation Mr. Rotondo, don’t you think you would have had a better outcome if you hired an attorney? I think I would have know when I was not qualified to handle an important situation like this. I wish you nothing but the best and hope this somehow works out better for you.

  3. You have paranoid schizo. You drive. Whether one drives or not makes no difference. You wont post this cuz your a spook trying to prove a point

  4. Hold up, I do read the info, and I do believe what his saying, the court system is very screwed up especially towards the men that have to go through the mess of visitation, custody just to have any contact with their children, it happens a lot. no, I do not Mock or laugh nor shake my head at Mr. Rotondo. He has a very valid point.

  5. OMG 😂 you can be psychotic and still have a drivers license. Do you know how hard it is to lose your license for a mental illness? Someone has to go out and petition for you to lose the license unless you are caught driving erratically or cause an accident. Paranoid schizophrenia makes so much sense, you should restart treatment things will probably improve for you across the board when you do.

      1. I was psychotic, I was deemed incompetent, I had a guardian. My finances, every legal decision had to be overseen by a third party. I lost my conceal carry permit and I can never get a license to buy a firearm. But I also kept my drivers license the entire time. Medication and intense dialectical behavior therapy and weekly support meetings at NAMI plus daily access to a licensed therapist got me to where I am now. Able to handle my own shit and guardian free. But there are many different types of psychosis, many do not effect your ability to drive.

        1. So then it looks like the only connection between my mental history, and my custody/visitation, was that the court wanted to use my medical history to take my son from me, right? How else could those things have been related?

          I hadn’t been seen by a doctor, so there must have been something that demonstrated my mental state as cause for removing my custody/visitation. I’m not aware of, nor was I ever made aware of, anything that made this same connection.

  6. Michael, you stated that you were diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. Does this mean you were formally diagnosed by a licensed psychiatrist?

    On a separate note, I am seeing quite a few comments by people who seem not to understand that it is possible to engage in polite discourse and debate without being disrespectful and abusive. This is obviously your forum, and you can certainly do what you want, but I would encourage you not to feel obligated to grant those individuals a voice on your blog.

    You have the right to express your truth on your own forum without that nonsense.

    1. I do not know whether or not he was licensed, is there the possibility that he wasn’t?

      I do my best to make this site an open forum, and will continue to do so.

    1. I have a job. How could it be considered that a lawyer would change the merit of my case? Thanks for your comment.

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