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I guess we’re going back to June 16th of 2017 for this post, in spite of the fact that my last post was for September of that same year. It’s really hard to remember everything that happened with my son as there was a lot and it was very stressful. I’m writing these posts off the briefs which I produced for my appeal, and they weren’t designed to be used to post articles from, they were designed to compel a court to keep my son in my life, after the county took him out of it. I’ve reviewed my briefs and hopefully (possibly) this won’t happen again but also, I thought it was most important to get the police reports out there as they prove that my son’s mother egregiously violated the court order repeatedly.

I was not able to see my son for my court ordered visitation day of June 16th, 2017, because it was the wishes of my son’s mother, (and perhaps my son as well) that my son be with his new baby half sister and honestly, I can appreciate how being with his new sister was significant. However, the method by which I found out that I wasn’t seeing my son that day was completely outrageous.

I had called my son’s school to see if he had been taken out early by his mother; as she had done this recently to prevent me from seeing him for my visitation. Upon contacting the school, they had told me that he hadn’t been picked up, so I went to get my son so I could then visit with him.

When I arrived at the school, I went to the child-pickup location but my son never showed, and when I asked where he was, they told me that he was absent that day. This was very uncomfortable for everyone involved as everyone knew that my son’s mother simply didn’t tell me that he wasn’t in school, with the full knowledge that myself coming to the school and finding that he wasn’t there was a possible outcome to this…

I subsequently texted my son’s mother and asked her if I could pick my son up and what I received in response, was a text from my mother, saying that my son’s mother wasn’t going to let me see him, and that it was because of the new baby. I don’t see why my son’s mother couldn’t have texted me herself this same information.

Also, my son’s mother made no attempt to schedule a change in the visitation before her baby was born to plan for this, but why would she, she could just violate the court order and she could use my son’s new sister as an excuse.

Text to my mother:

I suppose that I should have accepted by this time that I wasn’t going to see my son anymore and given up on trying to get the court order enforced.

The court would then have undoubtedly used this same “acceptance” to substantiate a court order that took away my custody and visitation; as it was not as if they had anything else to use in support any such new order as if they did, they simply would have used it, instead of blatantly ignoring was then the operative order…


  1. Your cut out buddy. Thats what they do…screw their way outta trouble. My ex did the same thing. Simply have more babies. Give it up. Your case isnt unique. You are wasting your time and money

  2. I’m wondering about the reason(s) the courts ultimately decided that you lose visitation rights with your son. Will you be posting that document?

    1. It doesn’t say in the order, why I lost custody/visitation (and it wouldn’t). I have a bunch of things I want to tie together later; I can post it if you want…

      1. Posting that might be helpful, but it’s entirely up to you. Thank you.

        Also, what would you need to do in order to have visitation rights with your son restored?

          1. I don’t know. I’m competent now. I’ve been raising my son since he was a baby and all of a sudden the courts are saying I’m not capable of that, while I have been for all these years.

  3. It appears as though you and the courts do not subscribe to the same idea of what qualifies someone as competent. You may wish to clarify with the courts the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

        1. The terms of my probation include making child support payments. So I’m not competent in the way you’ve described. Thanks for your comment.

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