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So I had accumulated numerous police reports for my custody/visitation case, and because I had felt the need to get these same reports; it is guaranteed that these reports have some meaning… This is because the reports will either support or my considerations, which was my intention with acquiring them, or they will show something which opposes my considerations, by showing that my considerations from which the police reports taken from were unfounded.

The case that I was making, was that my son’s mother was violating the court order. I can’t just walk into the trial with the court order, and tell the judge that she has been violating it. This is because one of the rules of evidence, is that you need some. The police reports were the evidence, and I was collecting it so I could get the ruling that I needed for myself, my son, and also my community.

Now, if in fact, my son’s mother was not in violation of the court order, then the police reports will not erroneously show that she was, right? It’s simple really; Her attorney would make the case that the police reports either, fail to show that her client was in violation of the court order, or they show something else. The case that her attorney did make, was that I was “harassing” her client with the police, and this was her official defense for the reports in the proceeding; Meaning that the police reports actually support her client’s case against me. And here’s what’s really interesting about that:

Her attorney allowed the police to stop making reports for the violations of the court order that I had been reporting. This is the only documentation I have for the June 13, 2017 violation.

This is how it can be known that, when the police refused to continue to document my son’s mother’s violation, of my Order of Custody and Parenting Time, that this same refusal to document by the police was fraudulent, and done to prevent me from amassing legitimate evidence in support of my case, so that my son could then be taken from me illegally, through a fraudulent proceeding.

If the reports had significance, as my son’s mother’s attorney had said that they did, the police would have continued to make the reports so that my son’s mother’s attorney could then do something with them, such as get an order modifying the October 28, 2011 Order of Custody and Parenting Time, into something that the reflected (as the county was sustaining) that I did not have the right to see my child.

The Order of Custody and Parenting Time was in effect at the time in which I was attempting to document its violation(s). Any documentation surrounding its violation would thereby have meaning, and thereby require the police to produce any same documentation requested per due process of law.

The remainder of the violations of the operative Order of Custody and Parenting Time, committed by my son’s mother, from this point forward, went entirely undocumented by the police; from the police department’s unwillingness to make any additional reports. They told me that they weren’t going to make any more. What legitimate reason could they possibly have had for this?


  1. So if the police are no longer willing to document every violation, then you can still do that yourself. Get a notebook and keep a record of dates, times and incidents. Are you soing this?

    1. Sukie, I haven’t seen my son since September of 2017, when the courts took my visitation away; And I had already made you aware of this in my reply to one of your comments here. Thank you for your comment.

      1. My main point is that regardless of what other people in the situation are doing, you have the right to take notes with dates and incidents to eventually present as evidence. This is something you do which does not require the participation of anyone else. I was just asking whether or not you were making such documentation for yourself.

        1. I was accumulating as much documentation as possible, for the trial that was held in September of 2017 which that same trial itself resulted in myself loosing my custody and visitation of my son.

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