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I filed a motion to enforce the Order of Custody and Parenting Time, and while the court felt obligated to hear the motion, they also felt that it was appropriate that I was reprimanded for filing the motion as well. Not reprimanded for my consideration that the Order of Custody and Parenting Time should be enforced, for the filing of the motion itself.

The court had set the hearing date to May 2, 2017. Here are the text’s:

Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Mon, May 1, 2017 at 4:05 PM
To: Mike Rotondo
Just letting you know I made plans for SONS NAME school dismissal tomorrow because it runs into court time.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
Mon, May 1, 2017 at 4:06 PM
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Great. Will he be dropped off with me after?

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
Mon, May 1, 2017 at 4:31 PM
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
I expect to see him after court that day, as it is my day per our court order.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
Mon, May 1, 2017 at 4:54 PM
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Angela if you don’t let me see him tomorrow I’m going to ask the police to arrest and charge you.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
Tue, May 2, 2017 at 4:16 PM
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
So, I want to see him, I don’t want to send you to jail, if I haven’t heard from you by the time I get home I’ll assume that
means you’re not going to bring him over.

I didn’t see him, here’s the police report. I was again mistakenly documented as being 32 years old.

Police Report

Right before this same May 2nd hearing date, I had filed a motion that day asking the court to ask my son’s mother, about her intentions to violate the Order of Custody and Parenting Time later that same day. The court mentioned that same additional motion, but did not follow through with it in any way. Apparently, my son’s mother has the power to reprimand me for filing motions in her opposition, simply because they offend her; and that this is her right on the face of her being the mother of my child.


  1. I didn’t explicitly say that my motion to enforce the Order of Custody and Parenting Time, heard May 2, 2017, was denied. I suppose I forgot to include this in the original posting.

  2. Nobody cares if you are 32 years old or not, not the audience, nor the cop. Nobody cares. Nobody cares either about you calling police every time there is a custody dispute, as the cop told you, “road patrol officers do not enforce family court orders.” So why do you continue to call the police and bother them when you know they can’t do anything? Answer. Because you feel powerless, and it’s the only thing you can do to annoy and harass Angela. The courts hate you, they think your’e an ***hole, as do most people. They don’t care about the law, they would rather use it to put you away. You bring nothing to the table. You have no money, no family on your side, no personality, no education, you are arrogant like theres no tomorrow, and you are a jerk. Nobody is going to go to bat for you, not even the Attorneys. Any reasonable person would see that your actions are emotionally harmful to children. People are human, they are not a set of laws. If you piss off the community enough, which you are doing, you are going to get shafted. Many single fathers are sitting in jail who love their children, but were trying to make a statement. Join em.

    1. Hunter, getting a police report is the proper way to document a visitation violation. As for the rest of your comment, it was a wast of your time writing it just as it was a waste of my time reading it. Thanks regardless.

  3. Mike, how about a blog post to describe what you are doing to demonstrate that you can be a competent and responsible father for your son? So far, I’m not seeing that. And you are quickly running out of time. When he turns 18, if he decides he wants nothing further to do with you, he will have that right.

    1. Not a relevant argument Sukie. The prior consideration that I was a competent and responsible father from October 28, 2011 onward is what needs to be recognized, not that I can now be considered to be a competent and responsible father; this would not be reflective of the facts. Thank your for your comment.

      1. Good and responsible parenting should be consistent over time regardless of your relationship with the boy’s mother. Your focus should be on communicating with – and especially listening to – your son. Build a relationship with him as much as is possible within the confines of the current situation.

        I’m thinking of the expression “pick your battles.“ It seems to me as though you are turning every disagreement with your son’s mother into a major battle. Your son is watching this, and when he turns 18, he’s the one – not the mother, not you, and not the courts – who will determine how much he wants you in his life. Work towards the end goal, and do what you need to do now to achieve that.

        Some things to consider, anyway. The boy deserves a good relationship with both his parents regardless of how well/poorly you and his mother get along.

        1. My son knows that he was taken from me wrongfully. And I haven’t seen him or communicated with him since September 2017 because the court order that was handed down then has prevented it. It’s important to me that what he sees, is his father fighting to get him back.

          Also, a prudent battle to choose is any instance in which my son’s mother violated the court order… It really hurts when your child doesn’t show up to be with you when he is supposed to; especially when you’ve told him that he’s going to be taken to a water park, and his mother decides not to follow the court order for that visitation day, and the trip cannot be rescheduled; Which is something that actually happened in the summer of 2017. I don’t know if that specifically is reflected in my documentation (the water park), because I was just trying to see my son and I wasn’t really worried about the fact that a trip to a water park was aborted. I was worried about how the courts weren’t enforcing the order and the police had stopped documenting the violations; it was a brutal fight throughout and continues to be so.

          In other words, my son knows what this was like going through it, he was a part of it, and I would hope that he remembers that last year that I was a part of his life because if he doesn’t then he’s forgotten me, which is a possibility that certainly crosses my mind from time to time. So, a prudent choice of battle is anything and everything that supported then, how it was necessary for the court to enforce my Order of custody and Parenting Time and now, how clearly the court was in error for the rulings they made.

          So, if you think that it’s less than prudent for me to voice my grievances through this website as I am, I ask that you take a more thorough approach to your curation of its content. Thank you for your comment.

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