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So here is the first police report which documents a violation of the Order Of Custody and Parenting Time on its face.

On the top of the order, you can clearly see that it warns the parties for whom it applies, that if they violate the order they can be immediately arrested and imprisoned.

The notion that the County did not enforce the order on that March 10th, is so outrageous, that it’s silly. It’s the seventh documented instance of my son’s mother’s egregious and committed violation of the Order Of Custody and Parenting Time. Her failure to comply with the order was doing great harm onto myself and my son, which this same harm could be easily considered by any third party.

I don’t know why I was documented as 32 years old in the report. Here it is:

Police Report



  1. Look, all jokes aside, this just means the police are not going to rip a child out of it’s mother’s arms. THATS ISNT THE POLICE’s JOB, Rotondo. You are not King Rotondo of the New York Empire. You are a common citizen, and the rules apply to you as they do to everyone else. The police do not enforce custody matters as it isnt their job. They can only document non- compliance for the Family court Judge to consider. You did the right thing in that case alone, but expecting the Police to drag a child away from their mother and play Dr. Phil is not in their pay grade.

    1. That isn’t what I expected. I expected my son’s mother to be arrested for her violation of the court order, which is what I said in the posting. Thank you for your comment.

  2. My man, judges and lawyers see people like you on average of 5 times a day. Self Righteous and indignant men who do not have legal thinking trying to give “commense sense” requests but totally lack accountability on their part. Judges are not all powerful. They have make a judgement based on the letter of the law with very small leverage of determination. Failure of the judges to take into account the letter of the law could result in an appeal, or worse, be thrown off the bench. Their only discretion is whether to determine which good faith efforts by you, and with bad faith efforts by her, demand a modification of an existing order as enshirned in State Law. No amount of caterwauling and cries of injustice can change it. The CNN article I copied and pasted for you was very informative. It might have very well been inspired by your case. Cnn is usually not simpathetic to us, but its still weird and encouraging.

    1. I had a court order to see my child. There was no proceeding or anything that otherwise invalidated that, so I expected my son’s mother to be arrested for violating the order; that’s how court orders work asD, and that’s how I see my child even if my son’s mother does not want me to. If you don’t feel that I had the right to see my child, that’s fine; But I feel that I did. And your claim of a lack of accountability on my part amounts to nothing more than words which you’ve typed. So you should please consider the merits of my contentions before you accuse me of “caterwauling” and “being indignant”; as their completely unsubstantiated with even a basic evaluation of my contentions.

      I don’t see a CNN article from you anywhere…

      Thank you for your comment.

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