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This article outlines my son’s mother’s continued retaliation, for the petitions that I had filed against her in Family Court.

The text messages require a little backstory:

For the past Christmas, I had given my son’s mother’s daughter a sewing machine, and I had received a text message from her mother a few days later saying that the gift was being refused. Her mother was refusing the gift on her daughter’s behalf.

I had then, after a few subsequent texts with her mother, texted my son’s mother’s daughter, telling her that the machine would be available for her to use at my home. My son’s mother’s daughter almost certainly, subsequently asked her mother if she would be allowed to use it there, as my son’s mother’s daughter was in need of a sewing machine for her cosplay activities. Shortly after this, my son’s mother had asked me to stop messaging her. It was disappointing that her daughter did not get to use her sewing machine, as she was an orderly well-behaved child who could not be construed as anything otherwise and, I saw her receive the gift, she absolutely loved it. I’m sure she had really wanted to use it.

I have not messaged or contacted her daughter since, per her mother’s request, and the petition I filed regarding my son’s mother’s daughter did not disturb her daughter in any way; and I don’t know how my son’s mother could have construed the petition to do otherwise.

In conclusion, when my son’s mother texts me “You were told to leave my daughter alone”, as if this was told to me by some third party, I’m highly confident that she was referring to her own request for me to stop messaging her daughter, from the same situation described above; as nobody else had otherwise said anything to me about her daughter at all.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:00 PM
So I called the school today and they told me that he was picked up. If you’re not going to follow our verbal agreement for
visitation at all, then we’re going to have to go back to following the court order, so that’s what we’re going to have to do.
Therefore, I am expecting to get SONSNAME tomorrow, from 1pm to 9pm.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:05 PM
So, I guess I’ll pick him up when he’s done with school.

Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
To: Mike Rotondo
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:05 PM
I already have it
And I’ll be picking him up

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:08 PM
I don’t know how you’re going to justify what you’re doing wth this Angela, I don’t want to do any hard into you or anyone.
Nothing bad is going to happen if you let me see him.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:08 PM

Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
To: Mike Rotondo
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:10 PM
You were told to leave my daughter alone. I don’t want my son around a perv. Leave my family alone.
You need help. When you get your head examined we’d

Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
To: Mike Rotondo
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:10 PM
all feel safer.

Mike Rotondo <Mike Rotondo>
To: Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:12 PM
I want to assure you that I’m not a pervert.

Angela Gasparini <Angela Gasparini>
To: Mike Rotondo
Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 4:14 PM
No one believes that
You were told to stop
Now its not only about SONSNAME?
Leave us alone!

The police report says that my son’s mother and I have been “on and off for years”; this isn’t true and I would never have stated it was. I felt compelled to clear this up herein. Also, I do not recall stating the duration of “six years” to the officer, or even implying a duration of that time. Finally, I had the text message correspondence above with my son’s mother “that day”, which the officer either assumed did not occur, or disregarded; as she stated in the police report that I did not contact my son’s mother with regard to this dispute.

Police Report


  1. It would be more feasible to leave her alone, and get the court to go after her for violating child visition. keep documenting the fact that she’s denying you custody with the police.

    1. Patrica, don’t you remember me telling you in another reply that I lost visitation over a year ago? There’s nothing “more ‘feasible'” when the courts simply aren’t following the rules… I was an excellent father to my son while I was getting visitation with him. The title of this series of posts includes the word “illegal”.

      1. Yes, yes, you did say you lost custody. i’m not questioning you about your ability of being a good father to your son and step daughter. My question is are you trying to get back visitation and what are you doing to go about that?

        1. I update this site. If SCOTUS is going to deny my child support petition then there’s really no point in pursuing it with the courts anymore. And I said to you that I lost my visitation here

      2. Listen, I understand the family courts they are screwed up. The” system ” needs changing. They are a place where women can get back at their men and get away with it legally. Until the system is changed men will always be screwed.

    1. Well I had to include it for completeness; and I wasn’t harassing her, at all… Also, I don’t know what you meant by your usage of the work ‘now’, so I’m pointing out to you that the dates on those texts are well over a year ago.

    1. You didn’t put your real name; however the email address you used seems to be completely valid. I’m going to assume that you got lucky hitting random keys while entering this email, and tell you that you went to a lot of trouble so that I could read the words “your a loserrrr”, typed by yourself and, maybe if you had put more r’s on the end of loser, you would accomplished something more than, causing me to investigate the ways to check if an email address is valid or not. Thank you for your comment regardless…

  2. What if dads can’t pay child support?
    Attorney Randy Kessler
    Pay something
    Don’t ignore this situation, it’s important. Most people can pay something. If there’s any way you can pay even a small amount toward your child support, do it. If you don’t, you’re certainly risking jail time.
    “Unfortunately the best way to prove to a judge that you can’t pay is to sit in jail for two weeks.”
    Don’t give up
    You can’t reduce your child support payments unless you get in front of a judge. “So, be politely persistent. Don’t give up. Keep going.”
    Hire a lawyer
    It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s true: Hire a lawyer to tell a judge you can’t afford child support. Judges don’t appreciate having to deal with someone who is trying to learn the law on the fly.
    “If you can’t hire someone, at least get a lawyer’s advice.”
    Judge Gail Tusan
    Make a good-faith effort
    Judges are quite aware that people lose their jobs and times can be tough. But child support is so important that judges expect parents to do whatever is necessary to support their children.
    “You can’t just say, ‘I’m a displaced CEO and there’s no way I’m going to work at McDonald’s. That’s beneath me. And therefore everyone should just understand.'”
    Erasing the slate
    Judges cannot just erase a parent’s slate of what he or she owes in child support. The money is owed to maintain the safety and security of the child. But some judges will consider modifying a child support agreement in certain circumstances.
    “We’re trying to make decisions based certainly on the practicality of what the income is.”

    1. The law says that if you can’t pay child support, the obligation is $25 a month. The law also says that a support obligation is based on income. You should read my post about how my support proceedings were illegal, which is part of what this blog is about. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Why did you feel it was appropriate to get a present for a teenage girl that is not your daughter? And why would you text her? Even if it was completely innocent.

    1. I had always gotten her gifts ever since I had become my son’s father. She would also visit with me whenever my son did, until she got older but, I’m trying to avoid making the events that surround her public and only disclosing things when I have to; So I can’t give any more information, sorry.

      Thank you for your comment.

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