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I’m not surprised because they had already done something that is legally analogous to this, when they denied my request to stay the illegal June 15, 2017 support order. An illegal order needs to be stopped, and by allowing it to proceed I knew that my SCOTUS petition wasn’t going be anything like what I thought it would be, prior to this same stay denial.

Stay denied

Subsequently, 30 days after I had asked the highest court in the country to keep a free man from being attacked by his government, I had no place to live from an illegal eviction action, and the mainstream media was characterizing me as some kind of ultra-liberal freeloader that should be discredited for it.

After they refused to stop the support order from being enforced, I decided that sending them a petition for my son’s custody/visitation order was a waste of paper. My appeal for my son became relevant to the jurisdiction of SCOTUS at the same time that my support case did, but I couldn’t justify the expense of the photo copies at the time because I wasn’t sure if I was going to need those same monies, to produce more photocopies in an attempt to continue to fight the support order, which was shaping up to put me in jail for 90 days. It was my assumption that fighting to keep my rights to my child would be a lot harder from behind bars.

Regardless, I’m sure that there are some who would say, well there could be some extenuating circumstances that make the June 15, 2017 support order appropriate for the situation; however the reason that this can not be the case, is because you can’t simply apply whatever laws you want to apply, because you feel that the effect they produce is desirable. Here are three examples of this; the court feels that the June 15, 2017 support order is appropriate because I’m white, or because I’m a libertarian, or because support 2nd amendment rights. Do you see how quickly this position falls apart?

By dismissing my support order petition, SCOTUS has sustained that an innocent person can be found guilty of something that they didn’t do. So yourself being in possession of your friend’s hat, can be proof that you had the means, motive, and opportunity to murder your friend and also, the hat could be used as proof that your friend is dead, which would satisfy habeas corpus. NYS Family Court Act section 413(1)(b)(5)(v) didn’t apply to me or my situation, so now I guess the laws don’t have to apply anymore for them to be enforced, at least according to SCOTUS…

In many ways, this dismissal is exactly what I’d sought to produce. Now it’s all in black and white for people to see.

Petition denied



    1. I’ll just keep updating my site. I’m not sending any more court documents it’s a waste of money and paper.

  1. It’s been pretty black and white for a while. I think it’s you who are just starting to see.

    And you think its because you own guns, are libertarian, and white. This just proves to me you are exactly what every one says you are. Some internet forum lurking right wing nut.

    Oh and BTW nice mugs. I’m buying one for your son so when he’s and adult he can even better understand how warped and clueless his biological father was. You selfish prick.

    Leave those kids alone weirdo!

  2. I was once like you with my indignant blog…ulster county police corruption. They win though…because nobody cares they persecute people who have zero political power on purpose…to keep them broke and themselves rich

    1. Hunter,

      The reason Michael has no power is because he contributes nothing positive to society. That is the contribution/reward trade off we all make in life to earn our place. For most people this is achieved through employment, friendships, and family. Michael does not know how the concepts of influence, -or power as you word it, are earned. He attacks people. He attacks his employers, family and community. He is exclusively after the people who know and love him the most. The people who have given him all the chances you expect to be given in life. The very people who have clothed, housed, and fed him., The woman who is raising his brilliant child in a very healthy and stable home. These people are his targets of harassment and litigation.

      Michael knows in light of recent national news of unhinged disgruntled individuals that he is under constant New York state police surveillance. The concern is that he fits into a psychological profile of a new class modern malcontents. Men who seek reinforcement of their antisocial behavior on certain online social media platforms. These online circles are communities built on harmful opinions and praise for bad behavior. For someone with the challenges that Micheal faces this can be a very dangerous situation for all involved. Many of these people come to their end tragically. Look no further than the horrific headlines of the day. For this reason being platformed by Alex Jones was a very scary moment for many people in Micheal’s family and community.

      I honestly feel he is blatantly unwell, and i wish dearly for him to find the help he needs. For him to find peace of mind and eventually happiness would solve many problems for those who care about him and depend on his sanity. It must hurt him so deeply to be denied a life with his son and not be capable of understanding his fault in the matter. Self sabotaging his life and family to the point where he has been justly ostracized. Completely and utterly. -with extreme stress on the word- justly. The matters of Micheal Rotondo are entirely of his own creation and design. His quest for legal and emotional martyrdom is deeply troubling.

      Importantly, I think it is very positive that Micheal allows opinions to be posted here that are often very, very critical of him and his plea. He is not obligated to do so, and to me it shows he understands the importance of what is called ‘good faith’ in any constructive argument. That is positive.

      The people you think have abandoned you still care. Maybe not in the way you might think or expect them to, but they do. You will always be your son’s father. And your father’s son. You Matter Mr. Rotondo

      …clean up your act!

      1. Jack what you have here is an essay of entirely unsubstantiated assumptions, with a kind spin. I ask you to please review my website, of which a significant portion of is date-stamped court documents. Thank you for your comment.

        1. Mike,

          I’ve read the whole website and all the comments. I read and write professionally. People who visit this site have likely read very much about you. I am quite familiar with the details of your case and the nature of your requests. The tinge of optimism in my post and the respect for you as a human being should not be confused for kind spin. As for it being an essay fine, it’s a long comment. But being thorough is required with subjects of serious concern. -I’ve heard you say similar. Honestly Mike, my concern is genuine and heartfelt. If it sounds overly kind to you, I want you to know it came from a sincere place. Please do not confuse sincere concern for kindness though; kindness was not my intention. I wish all people well even total pieces of shit like yourself, you assholes need it more actually. It’s called Grace. So yes we all really do wish you to be well. Wholeheartedly.

          Also, I know you have things date stamped, as all legal documents are. Am I missing an important detail when you keep telling me this? I am familiar with the chronology of your harassment campaign against your family and your son’s mothers family as well as the timeline of your legal proceedings. These date stamps seem unimportant and irrelevant to the details of your struggles. Yes there is a timeline -what is your point in telling me this twice? I feel similarly about the irrelevance of the voluminous amounts of legal paper fillings you re-copy, assemble, and then spam the court with. -You seem to mention it constantly, the paper collection? Are we supposed to be proud of your time in the legal stacks at the library? (Boo Hoo?) We understand that it is financially straining for you to reproduce endless reams of legal papers. Yours is the story of a man without even a piss-pot. It’s not convincing to anyone nor is it ‘work’ to hyper complicate your argument by embracing red tape and bureaucratic tricks when you don’t even have a valid case from moment one. Ask any lawyer. Mr.-Rotondo-every-single-person-knows-what-a-deadbeat-dad-is. Everyone. This will be actually quite easy for your son to understand someday. It’s common dirtbaggery. He will have friends with similar dads.

          But to your point, you seem to infer that the sheer volume of documents you have copied and collected validates you and your claims. “it’s a full time job” (<-fucking lol@that.org), -spoken on television by the guy who doesn't understand working, labor, and sacrifice. Arguments legal and otherwise are won by having a position of logical substance. Not sheer paper quantity of a non-argument, non-case. People who don't understand this often think they do if they just ape the movements never understanding them fundamentally. Thousands upon thousands of loosely relevant pages of legal text doth not a good case make. It's called law school Mike and it is very challenging, expensive and time consuming even for the brightest of minds. You are an on-the-face dimwit and it shows in a major way instantly. That was the sticking point of why you were national news for five seconds. You are blatant fool and every viewer got it instantly. That was the sauce to your story. Your aloofness. The whole world can see it. Everyone but you. Young and old, people of every stripe digested your story in the exact same way. The Booz Allen job offer post you made here? You know you're being trolled right? Its so obvious Mike. Most people know of them for Snowden who fucked them up, but who also just happened to be a top mind genius of a human being. Mike you are not a top mind and you fuck over your people. Booz Allen does background checks, they would see this site. It's a disqualifier working for Booz Allen Hamilton to be this whack online. They only hire top brains, people of exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. Not the guy who needs the right kind of special cardboard boxes from Staples to be decent and clean up his ugly public mess. God do some reading. Reality check. The world watched your driveway for a week Mike. You pop starting your car then rushing away all dazed confused probably got more views and laughs worldwide than a original run of a Seinfeld episode. I talked to people form Argentina later that month who knew every detail of your pathetic display. I brought it up at a family gathering and every single person knew your gross story. "He has guns" they said.

          Shit man. wow

          I am a very big supporter of Justice RBG and I admire her decisions and reviews very much. I must say it was personally very satisfying to see one of my intellectual heroes deny your petition. I think you should address this on your twitter as your SCOTUS hopes are the sole bit of content on there. Just your feelings. For historical posterity.

          Micheal I've carefully read all of the writing and details here on your blog as well as everything about you in the media at large. Thank you for clearly and carefully reading my essays here as well. These are opinions, and I write them as mine alone. Most of the people involved are of the opinion that you are an absolute ticking time bomb, they are acting defensively as you are armed and they are frightened. I'm sure they have been briefed on certain triggers that may cause people like yourself to lose control and seek to harm yourself or others. If this part is disturbing for you to hear, rest assured everyone involved is now disturbed. Kids grow up really fast, and I'm sure that is one of your main concerns in missing your chance to properly bond with your son. In light of that please be a good man and preserve the future you still can have together as adults. My father and I were essentially re-acquainted many times throughout my youth and adulthood as we both changed and grew as people. As I changed, and grew, and so did he. There were many new sunrises on our relationship. All equally important. My dad is my model of responsibility and compassion, I respect his heart and brain more than anyone else. He is not a perfect person… On this subject I'm saying that life is very, very long, long, long. Don't go this way Mike. Not now. I really do care.

          I personally find libertarianism repugnant in its selfishness and willful ignorance of the facts. That people need to work together to thrive and be decent, respectable. It's a loners ideology. But libertarians will always say first and foremost "Libertarianism only works with personal responsibility" and that is why you, the poster child for irresponsibility and lack of self awareness; during the glow of your coming-out-as-a-shitbag-on-TV party were hated and bashed on so damn hard by libertarians online. Libertarians don't need asked to leave and be independent by their parents. You were called a radical left wing liberal by your own people. WE NOW KNOW this is WORSE than being a Russian! I read hundreds of comments by people who first proudly proclaimed their right wing politics, and then would go on, piss and vinegar angry about how you were the definition of their angst toward self righteous entitled thinking. You were their effigy.

          So: as a responsible libertarian will you please be responsive and respond to my questions above? Specifically? Particularly the bits about me needing to read your entire tiny website. …Again. Or focusing on court filing dates as the whole big point that I keep missing? I type kinda slow at around 70-80 wpm and this post took me, a slow typist, only a little while to compose. So please. Could you take a little time to explain yourself to me and the other readers of your story? Part of me is simply curious if it is beyond your ability to be lucid enough to even explain yourself correctly. Thoughtfully. Just once. Don't be vague and just reference the other vagueness on your blog. As you do. Be brave and speak for yourself clearly and concisely on specific points about why you are being wronged. I think the main take away for people watching your media appearances is how absolutely confused you got while answering reporters questions. Same here. It was actually your defining trait as a cultural figure. "he's trying to say something and he doesn't know what or how" You always seemed lost for a good answer. You acknowledged it a little bit even apologizing. Just blanking out on camera. Right now this blog is just an embarrassing exercise in self damnation being backed up forever on archive.org. Why don't you use your platform here to say something meaningful that maybe people could relate to. Stop being stubborn and finally and talk candidly about your actual feelings for once. Why don't you make a post about things you might have done better with your situation. Seeing as how you are known for your bulletproof self confidence and arrogance as well as being addicted to the attention you get. It would make huge waves if you were honest and humble just once. Humanize your situation. No one can relate right now. You probably aren't a deadbeat and are actually trapped by your lack of faculties sometimes. All you have left is the court of public opinion. This includes your son and your parents, your sister. You are now a story. And everyone loves a redemption story. So do something right. Selfish need not apply. Admit this and be reborn into another chance at everything.

          Sincerely and Optimistically,

          1. Jack, once again, you have produced an essay of assumptions…

            Here is my response; please kindly respond to the way that my son’s mother is not letting me see him because I take him skiing, which is a wholesome and nurturing activity in conjunction with, consideration for how the effective court order for that time gives me custody of my son, so I may do with him what I want without his mother’s approval in conjunction with, how Onondaga County did not enforce that same order, as it was being broken. How do you now deny the merit of my legal contentions?

            Finally, while I see that you have made an argument that I cite the shear volume of the legal material which I have produced, in support of my case (which I suppose I should have said credible material; for you…), I’d like to point out that outside of your profane and vulgar language, the fact that you have produced only a “significant volume of material” yourself, does not support your position either and so I ask, please cite and link what has produced this opinion of yours, which I believe you are representing as well-developed, that I am this “deadbeat” or otherwise immoral person; who’s legal claims are unfounded and “harassing” in nature.

          2. good on you jack, every word spoken was true as the virgin’s tits. thank you for like somehow providing a temporary closure on this pathetic story I’ve been reading the past year it seems. you told him how it is to his face. and his face is still deer in headlights ! UNBELIEVABLE BUT BELIEVE IT EARTH 2019

      2. Jack, you have this 100% right. I couldn’t have said it as eloquently as you but you’ve done a masterful job calling it like it is. Nothing is his fault, everyone is against him. But he doesn’t understand he has no job, no income, and no means of supporting a child. So he loses custody and is upset. And on top of it, has to provide some kind of child support. Which is befuddling to him. More people against him. Every action he has taken is seeking affirmation of his, for lack of a better term, lazy lifestyle.

        “Don’t kick me out, I don’t work”
        “I’m a fit parent I just don’t work or have a place to keep him/her”
        “Don’t make me pay, I don’t have a job”

        It is a dangerous mindset because it does evolve to a place where everyone is against you, you’re back into a corner and when a scared animal is cornered, it will snap.

  3. Did you actually expect anything else to happen or are you just happy you got some correspondence from them that you could post and lastly why did you shoot up the synagogue and blame it on that guy Bowers

  4. Its pretty simple Michael. You are a basement dwelling autist who got kicked out of his basement because you lack the very basic skill of pitching in – and you have the gall to blame your parents for launching you into the world. What did you expect to happen? I actually have a very dear friend who I grew up with that is also a basement dwelling autist approaching 40, but he’s nice to his parents – he does chores, he goes to work at a menial job, he hangs out and watches tv with them, etc. – you’ve done none of these things.

    What skills do you possess that could prove that you are capable to parent on even the most basic level? Why do you think you deserve to have a child that you cannot in any way support? The right to parent and to continue parenting is EARNED. Sure, its wholesome to go skiing with you kid, but why would the mother trust you to take the child when you haven’t advanced socially past the mindset of a child? Do you see where I’m going here?

    All those years wasted filing petitions to courts could have been spent working towards getting equal time with your child. I would assume all you have to do is start acting like a parent and go get a job where you can support yourself – once you’ve done that you can start to ask the question – am I capable of helping to raise a child?

    The court will support the parent who has the child’s best interest at heart and the means to support that child.
    The only interest you have is in yourself, that’s your problem.

  5. Do you have a legitimate reason for not working and paying adequate child support? Are you so desperate for the court to side with you that you’re seriously going to keep poorly representing yourself instead of proving you can provide for a child? Right now it seems you just want to make everything harder for your son. I feel terrible for him, your ex, her daughter and your parents.

    1. My child support order was clearly unsubstantiated Jessie. I have rights, that’s what this site is about. Demanding that my parental rights are respected, is the best thing that I can do for my son at this time.

      If you feel that the actions of the courts are justified, maybe you would like to make an argument as to why that is?

      Also, I work. A had posted that in response to another comment of yours.

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