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In previous posts, I had described illegal support actions (First Action, Second Action) that were taken against me in Onondaga County of New York State; In this post, I describe a seizure of funds from my personal bank accounts, that took place within days after I was ordered to be removed from my parent’s home. The justification for this, was that I had owed child support payments, from an order that was made and enforced from those same two unlawful support actions linked above.

These are some bank documents that I had asked my bank to produce so I could show what had occurred.

Bank Letter

This shows that the collective balance in all of my accounts was negative $4,012.64.

Previous to this action taken on my accounts by the county, I had received a letter from the New York Start Child Support Processing Center, describing to me that funds of mine “may” have been seized. No seizure of my funds had been taken at the time that I had received that letter (to my best recollection), and I considered that I was protected by debtor laws, which are laws that in part, prevent the government form seizing money that people need to survive.

This same court action against my bank accounts took from me any means to be able to pay for housing and food for myself, from that point forward. Luckily, I had considered that while seizing monies from me would have been a blatant disregard for the law as they were the monies that I needed to survive, I had considered that it simply may happen anyway, and to prepare for this I had several hundred dollar cash in my possession. Over the next few weeks I used those few hundred dollars to feed myself and cover my expenses, and I had an arrangement to receive free housing in exchange for odd jobs.

Seizure Notice

The joint account described in my bank letter, was my son’s collage fund. That money was seized and provided to my son’s mother to then spend as she wished. I told the court this at a hearing that followed the seizure.

The reason that while the restraining notice shows that $2,629.78 was the amount owed to justifying the restraint, and the collective balance for my bank accounts was -$4,012.64, is because a restraint is taken for double the amount owed. The reason why double is taken is unknown to me, but my accounts were not negative beforehand they had money in them that I needed.

Further, at the time of this writing, I have housing and the means to provide meals for myself.

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