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I’m going to start this post with a letter to the judge of my Custody/Visitation matter in Onondaga County, which this same letter itself was attached to my Custody/Visitation Violation petition against my son’s mother:

I had received the following note from my sons doctors office asking that REDACTED-SON-NAME be accommodated while he recovers for a recent illness. This note was presented to me by Angela without introduction.

I had asked Angela how it came to be that this note was produced and she said it was because I don’t listen to her.

I spoke later that day with the doctor who had seen REDACTED-SON-NAME for the doctors visit that corresponded with this note, Dr. Jennifer A. Rufa M.D. She had informed me that this note was requested by Angela herself, to explicitly say that REDACTED-SON-NAME is to be kept inside for 2-3 days. Dr.Rufa also told me that this note was requested by Angela so that it may be provided to REDACTED-SON-NAME’s daycare, whom has recess outside, and Angela would like REDACTED-SON-NAME’s daycare to keep him indoors. This means that Angela had represented her own wishes to me as the representations of REDACTED-SON-NAME’s doctor. Further, REDACTED-SON-NAME does not attend day- care.

This is the doctor’s note described above:

Doctor’s Note

Following the above doctor’s note, in my Custody/Visitation Violation petition, is this letter to the judge:

Dear Honorable Judge Pavone,

In police report #17-105276, it says that Angela is refusing visitation because REDACTED-SON-NAME is sick.

It would be most unusual for REDACTED-SON-NAME to not visit with me as per the visitation agreement between Angela and I because REDACTED-SON-NAME is sick, because he has consistently visited with me while he has been sick in the past.

Further, Angela has lied in the past about REDACTED-SON-NAME being sick in order to use that as an excuse to refuse my visitation with him, this is evident in the information related to police report # 16-518564, from 10/29/16. Also, the doctor’s note mentioned in Incident #17-105276 is the one that I had verified fraudulent, and is included in these pages.

This police report from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Incident # 17-105276 is a documented incident in which Angela fraudulently refuses my visitation. I must have somehow been unclear while I was explaining to the Sheriff the situation, as I felt that the report needed clearing up by writing this.

Police Report 1_4_17

This doctor’s note that is “included in these pages” is the same doctor’s note linked above:

It would be a lot more burdensome for me to write these articles, if the situation wasn’t already spelled out so clear in the court documents that I had prepared and filed for my cases; what good fortune.


  1. Hey man. I’ve been following your case for awhile. The family court system is a mess. I tried going one time, and there was so much negative energy in there I couldn’t breathe. I had an hour drive to get to this court, and was five minutes late. I was the petitioner, trying to get my the child’s mother to even acknowledge me as a father and allow visitation. Because I was five minutes late, they left. Instead of sitting there waiting for the judge to scratch their head, I left as well. I quickly gave up the entire endeavour. The woman wins…always. This is a neo fascist nanny state where white men have no rights. Years later I signed papers giving up my parental rights (academic, since I had none to begin with) and shifted the responsibility to the next sucker, who went on to have two more kids with her. By the way, she was grossly overweight and intercepted me in a bar. Said she was on birth control. Two weeks later, shes pregnant. I walked away. I’ll see my son when hes 18, you can’t play the game of chess when you don’t have all the pieces. My advice to you? Get some part time, do nothing job and pay the 25 dollars a week. Your ex will finally tire of the court appearances for a lousy 25 dollars a week and everybody will leave you alone.

    1. Hunter, I can’t give up on what I’m doing. It’s crystal clear that what’s happening to me is against the law, and if that’s what the courts are doing now, then I want people to know that. I’ll do this for as long as I have to.

      1. I’m not saying give up, I’m saying play ball. She will soon strike out. Courts are an engine of state, they are not a mechanism of justice. We have consitutions and laws only as guidelines. The state does not want to pay for your child, which is practically the case already, since they probably forced your ex to file on you because she applied for social services for him. I’ve tried using legal avenues to “challenge” the unlawful character of court rulings. The result? I have a misdemeanor warrant in the state of Florida. For driving without a motorcycle license. It fact, it was a motor scooter, and I was in a parking lot, and the officer didn’t sign the ticket rendering it invalid. I went to court, explained this and motioned for dismissal. Judge refused my motion, set a new date over a month later, when I had to go back to New York. They also tried to pressure me into a no contest plea, 150 dollar fine, and 350 dollars in “court costs” (they didn’t tell me that part, I had to drag it out of them.) I now wished I had played ball, because I can’t visit my mother in Florida now because of this. My repeated calls to the court and petitions are continuously ignored. They don’t care about justice. It’s all about the benjamins.

        1. I follow the law and the court orders, that’s how you fight a case. Hunter, the court almost certainly used your driving of that motor scooter to show that you’re “the bad guy”. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were targeted for it, so that they could then quash your defense with the ticket. If the laws are guidelines Hunter, then there aren’t “laws”, there’s “people in power”; and nobody’s going to go along with that…

          1. You are right. I was targeted. Somebody whom I didn’t know got arrested in front of a store nearby, and there were cops everywhere. The saw me, so I drove through a pedestrian gap in the fence separating my apartment complex from the strip mall instead of driving out onto the boulevard for 100 feet…. This infuriated the cops like you wouldn’t believe… because they had to drive their cruiser out onto the road and then wait to turn into the complex. I had already parked the bike and was walking to my front door when they rolled up on me 100 mph like I had committed a murder. lol. Back to your case, I’m saying, don’t make the court hate you. Make the bare minimum payments, and DO complain about the visitation fraud, because that is your right. They will scold her for it, and if you are making the bare minimum payments, they can’t do anything to you negatively, and will direct their negativity (for court rooms are extremely negative places, especially family courts) toward her instead.

          2. Hunter, that’s good advice, but I believe that the way in which I am representing my case is exactly right; and no changes are necessary.

          3. No doubt you are handling it well. It’s good to get the word out there, about how these family courts work. There is absolutely no oversight for the mother, unless she is a completely out of control nutjob (probably not the case here, objectively speaking) they always assume she’s doing the right thing. Also the court system in New York is overwhelmingly female dominated. I’ve seen a lot of guys go to jail, become alcoholics, never get a job, and throw their entire life away because of child support. They are starting mild with you, probation once a month, or 30 days in jail…but it’s going to get worse. They are going to charge you with increasing degrees of non-support….3, 2, and 1. Once you reach 1, its automatic 6 months in jail every time, or arrears paid in full. Your driver license is seized at the 2nd degree. I’m telling you man, it’s not worth it. Fight sure, but you have to pay something. I signed my own rights away so I didn’t have to…I’m not interested in having children. You want your kid in your life though, and it costs money.

          4. Like I said Hunter, I’m following my probation order, which requires that I make the support payments; so I’m handling my matters perfectly, they can’t do anything more to me without disregarding the law further and separately.

  2. That is complete fraud on her part. Women are disgusting. What you need to do is win over the mind of your son. Pretty soon he will want to spend time with you and she won’t be able to do anything about it. Shes trying to strain the relationship you have with your son now, before it develops. Don’t let her do it. My ex forced me out of her kids life. And she laughs about it.

    1. My son hated when she wouldn’t let me see him, that didn’t matter to the courts. Also, when I was getting all these police reports for her violating the visitation agreement, the courts didn’t enforce it. It was their own signed and entered order, and they just ignored it.

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