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Here’s the order that took my son from me.

Upon having left the courtroom, after hearing that I wasn’t going to see my son later that day as I was expecting to, I tried to contact a number of mental health professionals both later that day and onward, in an attempt to continue to see my son while I was going through the appeal process. I couldn’t find any mental health professionals who would supervise parental visitation, and it was so heartbreaking for me to me to call these people, to ask them if they would be willing to do this ridiculous thing, so that I could see my son in spite of this illegally produced order; that it made it very, very difficult for me to prepare my appeal simultaneously.

After finding that my attempts to set up this supervised visitation was threatening my ability to make my appeal, and also considering this, in conjunction with the fact that my son’s mother had absolutely no incentive to approve the mental health professional or the visitation circumstances, I decided that I would just try to get the new visitation order stayed. I would mail it, then simultaneously start preparing my appeal. This is how I planned to make it so I could start seeing my son again as soon as possible.

During this time where I had just recently lost my son, I was hopeful that I would be able to get the new order stayed within a few weeks. Getting the new order stayed with consideration that it was pending appeal would make it so I could see my son right away; as custody and visitation would revert back to the previous order upon stay.

Prior to the trial, it was my expectation that if my son was taken from me, I would be able to get the new order stayed. I was considering the possibility that I would loose my custody and visitation from the way that the court was handling my case (obviously).

The last day that I saw my son before the trial, I told him that if anyone says to him that he isn’t going to see me anymore; that it isn’t true; And it shouldn’t take longer than a few days for me to start seeing him again. I then added that there was a possibility it might take longer.

Reflecting on the day that I heard I wouldn’t be seeing my son anymore, and the days that immediately followed, was a vast experience.

I was never served any order to show cause.


  1. Please kill yourself you schizo trash freak. You are a danger to humanity not just children. The next court order should be for your mental commitment.

          1. You are a joke. Your posts are a joke and full of grammatical errors. You believe that because you represent yourself in court that it automatically qualifies you to be a lawyer. In all seriousness, have you found gainful employment? Isn’t that one of the orders of your probation? You talk at length about your son, but how do you plan on providing for him and his future?

  2. Why couldn’t you find a mental health professional to supervise? Why would they say no? Was it too expensive? Just curious.

    1. They said that they weren’t familiar with supervising visitation, or something similar to that effect. Thank you for your comment.

    1. That never happened and can hardly be considered funny as you’ve propounded. Contrastingly, if you had posted “the part where you start grunting like an ape and then throw your own feces at the judge and they say get this monkey out of my courtroom”; almost certainly would have been more cohesively humorous. But regardless thank you for your comment…

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